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TGAP 3 Week 14 submitted July 4, 2011 featuring art by Kenia Cris

“Listening to Different Drummers” by fellow Geek Kenia Cris
Grisly mouse murders on the dining room rug,

Felines with attitudes, acting real smug,

Pet hair on your favorite pants,

Crunchy, spilled kibbles covered in ants.


Vet bills, rabies shots, and amputated tails,

And a snuggling cure for all else that ails.

This is my submission for Week 14 of the Twingeekz Artz Project 3.  The accompanying art work is by fellow geek, Kenia Cris.

TwinGeekz is a loose affiliation of loose affiliates in New Hampshire who began the TwinGeekz Artz Project challenge in May of 2005; the task was for each of the original seven participants to produce and submit a piece of art every week for one year.  Every artist succeeded in completing their 52 pieces of art, and thus the TGAP theory was proven: “all creativity needs is a deadline”. 

We grew each of the three years that the project continued. It’s time to bring it back. 

Let’s do it again! #tgap2020 join us!


The needle on the vinyl

And spin that sound.

Watch the sock-monkey

Wind-up jump around.


Kids spin each other faster

On the merry-go-round.

Their laughter screams by,

What a sound.


The dog chases her tail

Then collapses to the ground.

She dreams of tennis balls

And a buried bone she’s never found.


Of the days before her family

Rescued her from the pound,

She barks and whines

And jumps at sounds.


Life sneaks by on an arrow,

Not straight, but round.

Music spills forth from the speakers;

Our aging spirit is



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