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Week 6 of the TwinGeekz Artz Project 03, submitted May 8, 2011

Week 06 Artwork by fellow Geek Caron Thomas

I’ve lost keys,

And jobs; a sense

Of security – even

Some people, but

Army bases – Fort

Dix, Fort Campbell, Fort

Devens – all lent

Themselves to losing

Fear. As I watched

The failed rescue

Attempt – the helicopters, and

Hostages, Iran, crash and

A president falter when

I didn’t know where

My father was (hidden,

in some camouflaged mission

waiting room) the leap

from fright completed. Now,

The helicopters succeed and

We are supposed to joyfully

Mourn the loss of some

Evil; step aside from some

Worries – defaulted student

Loans and sick kids, unregistered

Vehicles and unrevised writing.

Focus on lost illusions or

Weight. I remember

When the television told us

About exploding shuttles,

Towers falling down,

too many wars. I remember

when the telephone rang and

The voice of my special

forces father spoke there.

This is my submission for Week 06 of the Twingeekz Artz Project 3.  The photography was submitted by fellow Geek, Caron Thomas.

TwinGeekz is a loose affiliation of loose affiliates in New Hampshire who began the TwinGeekz Artz Project challenge in May of 2005; the task was for each of the original seven participants to produce and submit a piece of art every week for one year.  Every artist succeeded in completing their 52 pieces of art, and thus the TGAP theory was proven: “all creativity needs is a deadline”. 

We grew each of the three years that the project continued. It’s time to bring it back. 

Let’s do it again! #tgap2020 join us!


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