Welcome to Lady Diction’s (aka Heather Ouellette-Cygan) Blog. Most days, Lady Diction is  either agonizing over writing or agonizing over not writing; therefore, she has chosen to live her life in a constant state of revision. She wrote her first poem, about a cat, when she was five years old and has used the genre of poetry as a GPS unit ever since. She also writes fiction, non-fiction and drama.

When not writing, she is working to help young minds resist the establishment and as an activist, most particularly for gay rights. She is marrying this passion with her one for writing currently by composing a positive book of practical advice for the parents of queer youth.

In addition, she is an original geek, who has been involved with the Twin Geekz Artz Project since its inception and has completed the project – to complete one work of art a week for one whole year – all three times. You can check it out at The Twingeekz Artz Project.