TGAP 3 Week 12 submitted June 20, 2011

Black Heart by Photobug Star
This new grief,
Wide brimmed
Upon the old grief,
Weighs upon me
As I slough
Through my day,
Scythe in fist,
Trying to harvest
This cartload
Of young wheat.

This is my submission for Week 12 of the Twingeekz Artz Project 3.  The accompanying art work is by fellow geek, Photobug Shar.

TwinGeekz is a loose affiliation of loose affiliates in New Hampshire who began the TwinGeekz Artz Project challenge in May of 2005; the task was for each of the original seven participants to produce and submit a piece of art every week for one year.  Every artist succeeded in completing their 52 pieces of art, and thus the TGAP theory was proven: “all creativity needs is a deadline”. 

We grew each of the three years that the project continued. It’s time to bring it back. 

Let’s do it again! #tgap2020 join us!