October 21, 2016

When they do not talk 
About you, it is
Like you were never
There at all. In the past

Only white men did
Anything of importance.
The rest of us hid,
Apparently, in the closets

Of history and picked up
Their messes. They are trying
To do it now.
But how

Do you erase the black
President or the woman
This close to it
From your books?

Smear their names
With the media
You own and sit

Back. Let the repetition
And lies do their work.

This is Poem #184 from the  Poem (almost) Everyday Project. Starting in mid-January 2016, I challenged myself to spend a year in which I’d wake most mornings and write a poem before my first cup of coffee. By the end of the year,  I had written 241 poems.  Here, I have published second drafts of  those pieces copied directly from my journal with minimal editing from their “vomit draft” state.