for the Magnificent Seven


Answers says, “No,

I’m not letting you

In just yet. Suffer


A little longer here.”

Months from now –

I know I can look


Back at this – when

I’m in the Chamber

Of Certainty (no, there


is no such place) where

This limbo is past, and

Review the results.


Rest and know our

Actions were worth

The time here


Treading in the pool

With the inflatable

Ducky life raft


Allusive as always.


This is Poem #12 from the  Poem (almost) Everyday Project. Starting in mid-January 2016, I decided for one year to wake mornings and write a poem before my first cup of coffee on each day that I didn’t teach. I was working part-time then, so in the end I wrote 241 poems.  These are second drafts of  those pieces copied directly from my journal with minimal editing from their “vomit draft” state. Feel free to critique.


As I’ve stated earlier, there had been some very bad things happening at work, but we were on the cusp of action and change. This poem and others upcoming reflect this time of uncertainty.


Lady Diction’s Calendar

August 2018

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