I received this game for Christmas and the possibilities are inspirational. The rules: draw a prompt card and use it to inspire a poem that uses some of the 12 “paint chip colors” in your hand. In the vein of Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity, the person to play the prompt card judges the “best” poem. This is, however, also a one-player game.

Here are two I’ve written. Paint chip colors indicated by Italics.


Paint Chip Poem I

Far, Far Away (Prompt)


Others celebrate, black

tie around long, thin necks.


But me, I’m on pins

and needles,


Preparing for

total eclipse. 



Paint Chip Poem II


This Is How It Will All End (Prompt)


It’s always on the tip 

of the tongue, preserved


like an heirloom tomato

clinging to the lettuce

of your salad days. But


the reflection in your eyes

reveals the stones in your pockets, waiting


as the babbling brook

swells to tsunami.