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Though pockets of resistance remain, the battle for gay marriage was won. But, the war isn’t over, especially for individuals who identify as Transgender. Their struggle is just beginning to coalesce into a meaningful discussion, thanks in part to Caitlyn Jenner’s coming out. Though Jenner is the current ‘poster child’ for transgenderism, she is by no means the first. Sex reassignment surgery for those who desired a full transition dates back to the 1920s by doctors in Germany. Christine Jorgensen, a self-proclaimed transgender woman, was first known to Americans with the headline: “Ex-GI Becomes Blonde Bombshell” in the early 1950s. Chaz Bono came out in 2009. At the very least, Jenner’s step onto the stage identifies the shadow group of people who live and suffer in the day-to-day world. The ultimate benefit of this comes with the crystallization of the understanding for just how complex humans are. Any attempt to…

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