So, I spent a good part of my morning posting updates and silly memes about Kim Davis and her short jail sentence. For those of you who don’t know who she is, Ms. Davis is a county clerk in Kentucky, who was found in contempt of court and taken off to jail on September 3rd for refusing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. I’ve had some good chuckles at her expense, and I’ve successfully avoided seeing too much banter from the other side via social media, most likely because at some point in time I’ve pissed off most of my more conservative friends, and they’ve ultimately deleted and blocked me. My mantra “don’t ever, ever read the comments” has protected me, I’m sure, as well.

The more I’ve thought about the situation since then, however, the angrier I’ve gotten. It’s personal to me, and when a woman like Kim Davis takes a homophobic stand in judgment of others, she is judging my family, more specifically, my son.

I have two children, one gay son and one straight daughter, of whom I am amazingly proud. They are both kind, generous and loving people. They both take action every day to make the world a better place for all of us. Both of them dream of futures filled with love and fulfilling careers and family.

My son is a romantic. Since he was young, my family and our friends made sure that as a gay young man he could envision the possibility of a happy and loving future as much any straight person could. A future that includes a happy marriage and children.

How dare Kim Davis accept her pay healthy $80,000 per year pay check while at the same time refusing to do a required part of her job. Each couple that she turned away demeaned the love of my son and all other gay and lesbian persons. She deserves more than her short jail sentence, she deserves to be fired.

Next month, my son and I will be traveling to the PFLAG National Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, not too far from Ms. Davis, to present about the ways LGBTQ families are represented in the media. We will use our own journey as media consumers to share our story of the ways that positive media representations helped to foster notions of fulfilling futures for many different types of families. Against this backdrop of progress, Ms. Davis’ stand just seems mean-spirited, fueled by bigotry and an alarming ignorance of just what the Bible actually says about marriage equality. Maybe if she’s free, she can come see our presentation.